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Why the Seafoodportal.com

The Seafoodportal.com is the future of trading B2B global seafood

The seafood industry is stuck in the past with a long value chain, several middlemen, and analog ways of trading their products. At the same time, the consumers demand both better traceability and more transparency. The industry is characterized by a very fragmented buyer and seller side. 


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The Seafoodportal.com is a digital marketplace specially designed for the challenges of seafood trading. By using in-house technology combined with 3rd party API’s it will shorten the value chain, improve transparency and make seafood trading more efficient and effective. By creating a global marketplace, we increase the reach of all buyers and sellers, no matter company size, location, or traded species.



Our Vision

The Ecosystem for Global B2B Seafood Trading

Our Mission

The Seafoodportal.com is an online digital platform for global trading within the seafood market. It's very easy to use and provides transparency, liquidity and traceability for all your transactions. By using the seafood portal, companies significantly increase both their efficiency and profitability.