Get paid in three smooth steps


The digital credit insurance platform Credable, part of Euler Hermes, an Allianz GroupCompany, provides instant credit ratings and on-demand credit insurance trade by trade,so you don't have to worry about getting paid on time, every time. Know the risk beforeyou trade and take insurance only when and if you need it - all in a couple of clicks!

1. Instant credit check

Credable offers a highly accurate free credit check on all your trading partners. Based on creditworthiness, we’ll can even offer you an instant quote for insuring your trade.

2. Insure your trade in one click

Choose the trade you want to insure, pay by card or invoice, and get instant cover for late or non payment.

3. Get paid

If your customer doesn’t pay for your trade, file a claim, just as you would with normal insurance, and we will pay you the insured amount within 30 days.