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Partners & References








Link Venture Capital invests in companies that focus on sustainability, technology & ESG. JET Seafood is proud to be one of these companies, and we appreciate their active role as one of our largest investors.

Miles is a unique IT company, where it is more important to create a good workplace than to strive towards quantified goals and budgets. As one of our largest investors, they have been with us from the beginning.

NCE Seafood Innovation is a world-leading cluster representing more than 80 industry partners that provide healthy and sustainable seafood to the global community. JET Seafood is a proud member. 

Euler Hermes is the worldwide leader in trade credit insurance. JET Seafood is a tied-in agent and can proudly with the help of Euler Hermes' services ensure that all our clients on the portal are creditworthy companies.

Vegvisir is a Lithuanian software development company, rooted in Nordic traditions. As a daughter company of Miles, they have been a vital service provider for JET Seafood in building Seafoodportal.com.

Aqua Consulting works closely with the aquaculture companies in Norway, and helps both established businesses and startups with their market development. Through her years of experience and extensive network, Madeleine Aksdal has been a central part of JET Seafood.