Investors is a B2B marketplace for seafood, owned and operated by JET Seafood AS. We are currently scaling the bringing a new and disruptive way of trading seafood. Situated in Bergen, the seafood capital of Norway, JET Seafood has already established a name and network within the European seafood industry.

The global seafood trade market was estimated to be 152 billion USD in 2017 (source: FAO) but the value of transactions is significantly higher due to trading processes. As the industry grows and the global need for protein increases this market has potential for strong growth and industrialization in the future.

We have an experienced and dedicated management team with a strong mix of success and industry specific knowledge across innovative tech, business development and international markets. We have significant experience in commodity trading and financial systems. Finally, we are passionate about building good teams that can make a difference. We have also attracted an experienced board of directors with additional business development, innovative technology and scaling expertise. 

  • We launched our MVP to selected users in April 2019 and have made our first trades.
  • Signed commercial agreements with key industry partners.
  • We have several buyers, sellers and traders that will be onboarded to the marketplace during the spring 2019.
  • We won the Angel Challenge in Bergen, Norway in 2018. The prize was a $100K convertible loan which has now been converted to shares.
  • Sweat equity deal with Miles AS valued at $220K.
  • $200K misc. soft funding.
  • $553K seed investment.


JET Seafood is set for a second round of investment and plans to raise €2 million in 2nd half 2019.

Please contact CEO Eirik Talhaug at +47 45 20 20 85 or for more information.

Our Board of Directors

Eirik Board member
Eirik Talhaug

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Gøran Profil Board member
Gøran Skeie Ellingsen

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Dag Espen-beskjært Board Member
Dag Espen Hauge

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