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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers

If you don't find the information you seek here, you can send us an email on info@seafoodportal.com

It is easy! Just register your company or request a demo and JET Seafood will guide you through every step of becoming a customer at our marketplace.

It is free to register at the Seafoodportal. Our team will then contact you to go through a detailed Know Your Customer process and onboarding before you gain access to the marketplace.

If you are a buyer or seller of seafood, you can be a customer at the Seafoodportal.

At the moment we only facilitate Norwegian farmed salmon, but during this spring we will roll out functions for trading different frozen salmonids from all over the world. 

As long as you have a frequent need of selling or buying trucks of Norwegian Salmon you can become a customer at the Seafoodportal.

On the fresh market we run with a freemium model where sellers and buyers pay a fee per transaciton.

On the frozen market we will have a different subscription options combined with a transaction fee.

In the beginning it will only be possible to buy or sell Norwegian Salmon.

Eventually other types of seafood from other origins will be added as well as products like portions etc.

The seller owns the seafood until the agreed point of delivery.

JET Seafood own the marketplace and is responsible for the onboarding of all customers. Every customer is submitted to a detailed Know your Customer process, which ensures the transaction security for all parties on the marketplace.

All the participants will be anonymous at the marketplace. When the order confirmation is published the buyer and seller and the packing station will be visible.

Through the business settings in your profile you can blacklist those packing stations that you have not approved or wish to do business with. Or oppositely you can simply white list your preferred packing stations.

The seller will specify in the sales order which certifications the fish has. Any false information provided will constitute a breach of contract.

Initially only fresh and frozen whole salmon can be traded on the marketplace. Later we will add on other types of fish and products like fillets and similar.

Great! Then you can choose to whitelist packing stations in south of Norway and only see orders from that region.

All claims will be handled by the seller like you are used to.

JET Seafood is responsible for on boarding credit worthy counterparts to the marketplace. Should you have a new buyer at your hand we can offer online credit insurance within seconds through the well-recognized Euler Hermes corporation.

We can assist you getting transportation offers within minutes covering transport to most destinations in Europe

No, you can not do that as it is in breach with the idea of a well-functioning free market. On the marketplace all buyers and sellers will be anonymous and only companies with approved credit rating can be customers of the Seafoodportal to guarantee safe payment.